The completely new reservation system "KIZNA"

You can create a full-fledged reservation system with your official LINE account.

You can make reservations easily and quickly with your familiar “LINE”.

You can use the system free of charge for 30 days.

Please sign up for the free e-mail magazine first.


We solve the following problems.

I'm sure there are some regulars, but I can't approach them well.

Inability to provide benefits to our regulars.

Inability to enclose the customers in their own stores.

Advantages of Introducing KIZNA

Guests are retained
and Stable sales

Boost sales by increasing regular customers.

Guests turn into fans.

KIZNA can accommodate all types of stores.

We offer a wide variety of functions to suit not only rental spaces, but also treatment centers, clinics, beauty salons, and many other types of businesses.

Meeting Rooms

Party Space

Dance Studio

Rental Salon

Photo Studio

Osteopathic clinics

Hospitals and Clinics

Beauty Salon

Rate Plans

Standard plan Delax plan
Monthly Fee
6980 yen
9980 yen
LINE account
2 accounts available
8 accounts available
not available
Sales Management
not available
Issuing coupon tickets
not available
Subscription Charges
not available

*The monthly fee is automatically paid by credit card.

KIZNA Features

credit card payment

Online, credit card payment is available.

PayPay (QR code) payment

Online, PayPay payment is available.

Postpaid support

No payment will be made at the time of reservation, but we will support local payment or bank transfer at a later date.

Calendar Linkage

Real-time linkage to Google Calendar.

Coupon Issuance

Convenient coupons that automatically apply discounts.

Special Rates

Prices can be set only during the year-end and New Year holidays and peak season.

Change of time frame

You can change the appointment time slots to 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Minimum usage hours

A minimum usage time can be set for each store.

Fixed usage hours

Accept appointments at fixed times, like a course of treatment.

Cancellation Policy Settings

Cancellation fees can be set for each space.

Guest Cancellation

Guests can easily cancel reservations. Refunds are also made automatically.

Owner Cancellation

Owner can cancel or refund the reservation by specifying the amount of refund.

Reservation Management

Display and manage reservations by weeks.

Customer Management

Register your customer's personal information.


Issue and email the receipts to your customer automatically. *Only for Deluxe Plan


Issue and email the invoice to your customer automatically. *Only for Deluxe Plan

Sales Management

Sales are automatically totaled and revenue can be monitored at a glance. *Only for Deluxe Plan

Discounts on long hours

Automatic discount for reservations of more than the set usage time.

How to use the service

Before using this service, please sign up for a free email course first.

In the free e-mail magazine, we will explain KIZNA over 5 days.

Register for the application form

Setting of KIZNA

Official LINE Account Settings

Use Get Started

Comments from owners who love and use KIZNA


We have completely migrated to the KIZNA system.

  • Complete on LINE apps only.
  • Requested updates are super fast.
  • Instant access to credit card and PayPay applications
  • Inquiry with customer response is also completed on LINE.
  • Get a list of customer information on LINE
  • Cash payment support is available

It couldn’t be better!


Rental space investment is a hot topic in books and social networking sites. With competition increasing, it will be difficult to secure the same sales every year if you continue to do things the way you have in the past. From now on, the question is, “How do you keep customers in your space?” is the key to management. KIZNA is packed with the most effective features for retaining customers. KIZNA is a reservation system approved by OKIGARU MEETING ROOM®.


My clinic has an online reservation system, but we are changing to a better system. 

It’s an on LINE reservation system called KIZNA!

KIZNA is working so well that we decided to change our treatment center’s reservation system to KIZNA.

It is very easy to use and very helpful.


Is there anything else you would like to know about KIZNA?

The completely new reservation system "KIZNA"